Cargo Handling Systems

Our expertise in providing air cargo solutions is based on thirty years of experience in implementing logistics projects for air cargo terminals. Of course, we also fulfill all international regulations and standards (IATA, DIN, ASTM, ISO, IEC, etc.)

A regular exchange of knowledge between our globally-active project design teams and construction engineers: that is what produces our innovative and reliable solutions. Starting with feasibility studies and continuing with the engineering and implementation of complex projects, Siemens designs and supplies complete hardware and software solutions for air cargo handling.

Information Technology

Cargo Compact

Cargo Compact is the IT solution used to manage your ULDs in automated storage systems. This highly reliable standard software (based on cargo operation and freight flows) has been proven in operational systems and continually improved. Due to the constant standardization throughout all levels of the system, Cargo Compact has a short commissioning time. In addition, the system is a part of the Siemens Cargo Suite. That’s why the Cargo Warehouse software can easily be added to build a more complex system.

Cargo Easy Man

Cargo Easy Man is designed especially for manual systems, and supports warehouse management in the storage and retrieval of containers in the proper loading sequence. The system is easy to operate due to a clearly arranged visualization. An interface to the host system and vehicle control accelerates the cargo terminal procedures, making cargo handling smoother and faster.

ULD Material Handling Solutions

Siemens has the complete product portfolio for the indoor and rampside cargo handling equipment, for 5ft/10/15 ULDs up to 20ft ULD Pallets in both Narrow Edge Leading (NEL) and Wide Edge Leading (WEL) configurations, for payloads up to 13.6 metric tons – or as modular components, allowing flexible layout planning based on customer needs.



The product list includes:

  • Transfer and Elevating Transfer Vehicles (TV / ETV)

  • ULD monorail stacker cranes

  • Cargo hoists

  • Roller decks, friction driven or motor driven

  • Storage decks and storage systems

  • Workstations – fixed, lowerable, or traversable

  • Right-angle decks

  • Turntables, turntables with right-angle function

  • Truck-docks, fixed or movable

  • Ball mats, castor mats, free-driven transfer decks

  • Slave pallets

  • ULD security scanning, system integration

ULD Transports

Durable and reliable conveyor systems linking all the operative processes form the backbone of any cargo handling system. Many different freight handling requirements have to be met: cold rooms, deep-freeze chambers, transfer zones for perishable goods, and open-air apron zones – each air cargo center has its own specific requirements. Together with architects and management, we ensure that the customer’s needs are satisfied. Our selection of conveyor systems includes all the elements required for safe and secure handling, such as transport roller tracks, RA decks, and turntables for ULDs. If maximum space needs to remain available for the operative area, it is possible to install special conveyor systems that provide overhead access.


Siemens systems can automatically identify stowaways, improvised explosive devices (EDS/HDX), weapons, drugs, and contraband. To create these solutions for security checks and screening, Siemens works with our partners to develop high-quality system integration. The portfolio includes solutions for standard pallets and containers, as well as bulk and Euro pallets for airplanes. Solutions certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are also integral components of the product line.

Each system can be designed in accordance with customer requirements and system layout. To ensure that material flows are optimized, dead-end or pass-through solutions can be integrated into the handling procedures.

The technology can employ either high- or low-energy X-rays, neutron resonance radiography (NRR), or the new sniffer technology.

Customer Services

Our experience shows that, in addition to an excellent system, the second major value-adding factor in the total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment is quality service. We are dedicated to maximizing your return on investment for your airport logistics systems. Under the umbrella of Expert Services for Airport Logistics, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of modular and customizable technical services targeted at ensuring high system availability, reliability, and operational efficiency. Our services also encompass non-Siemens systems. Siemens is a well-established international service organization with excellent references in airports around the world:  we are ready to serve you, the operator of an airport logistics system.