Baggage Handling Systems

Growing passenger numbers, ever-higher security standards, and the ever-increasing need to operate profitably – these are some of the challenges you face as an airport or airline operator. You need a strong partner to supply you with a baggage handling system that meets all your requirements.

Siemens has implemented more than 300 logistics systems at airports all over the world. Decades of experience in working with airport operators have given us a wealth of knowledge. We work closely with our customers throughout the planning and implementation phases to find the right mix of "tried and tested" combined with innovative solutions.

Baggage Base (IT)

Baggage Base IT is an integrated, component-based IT software solution framework for the management of sorting, material flow optimization, technical monitoring, and supervisory control.

With this software, BHS business processes are operated by dedicated components, e.g., for sort allocation planning, hold baggage screening, early bag store control, or plant visualization. All main processing rules are configurable, ensuring an easy adaptation to new or changed processing requirements, e.g., in the area of security regulations.


Modern control systems help make airports more and more flexible – dedicated solutions are no longer necessary. Our systems optimize material flow, linking check-in counters to any given sorting destination via the material handling equipment.

All of our systems can be adapted to meet the customer’s requirements: from our manually-operated systems to complex, semi-automated systems equipped with the latest weighing and material-handling technologies. Whether it’s a modernization project or a completely new installation, we ensure the perfect integration of check-in system solutions and linkage to security checkpoints:  a smooth material flow is always guaranteed.


Our 100 percent baggage X-ray strategies are perfectly integrated into the material flow. With our systems, the initial inspection after check-in is fully automated. If there is any doubt about the safety of a piece of luggage, its X-ray image is scrutinized by specially trained personnel, followed by further automated examination. If necessary, the baggage is ejected and may be subject to manual inspection by authorized personnel in the presence of the passenger. Our security concepts can be classified into solutions for lobby screening, verification at check-in, and in-line screening - all integrated into the baggage handling system.


We offer our customers a complete portfolio in mechanical handling equipment, from conventional conveyor belts or high-speed bin conveyors to components like curves and junctions, distributors and swivel diverters, tilt tray and crossbelt sorters. These components are supplemented by high-performance early baggage stores with flexible capacities and short retrieval times.

Besides the dimensioning and sturdiness of the components, a high degree of integration is especially critical in regard to handling quality and throughput capacity. Our systems ensure that capacity expansions of an existing system as well as connections to previously implemented logistics processes and the IT environment can be performed in a quick and straightforward manner.


Regardless of whether an existing system is based on tilt-tray sorters, crossbelt, or tray sorters, we have the right equipment to meet the sorting and throughput requirements, ranging from simple systems with a low throughput to complex, integrated, automated systems with peak performance. Our portfolio contains sorting systems for both belt and tray conveyors.

Belt conveyor system

Tray conveyor system

Inclined carousel with overlapping slats

Tilt-tray sorter

Horizontal carousel with overlapping slats

Tray conveyor system

Oversize baggage claim

Compact tilter

Vertical diverters


High-speed diverters


Details of belt conveyor systems

Details of tray conveyor systems

Sibac Smart – System for small airports

SIBAG Smart handles up to 1,500 bags/hour and serves up to 4 million passengers/year. It ensures fast imple-mentation and reliable performance and is a turnkey solution that includes installation and commissioning. At the same time, it is ready to grow according to customer requirements and offers comprehensive after-sales service. This simple and modular approach ensures easy installation and smooth operation.

Just plug and convey!

Customer Services

Our experience shows that, in addition to an excellent system, the second major value-adding factor in the total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment is quality service. We are dedicated to maximizing your return on investment for your airport logistics systems. Under the umbrella of Expert Services for Airport Logistics, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of modular and customizable technical services targeted at ensuring high system availability, reliability, and operational efficiency. Our services also encompass non-Siemens systems. Siemens is a well-established international service organization with excellent references in airports around the world:  we are ready to serve you, the operator of an airport logistics system.