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David Martin

Head of Sales, Siemens Financial Services

David Martin is driving the issue of industry technology investment at Siemens as the sector faces escalating need for technology and infrastructure investment, in order to maintain competitive edge in globalised markets, at the same time as the availability of bank finance is increasingly squeezed in Europe because of tightening regulation on capital adequacy.  David is also a major promoter of energy-efficiency investments in industry, where imaginative financing arrangements can wholly or largely offset the cost of energy efficient technology upgrades.  David's leadership and insight is based on his 17 years experience in asset financing.  His management remit at Siemens Financial Services covers not just the Siemens Business Division, but also the Public Sector Division, reflecting the convergence between public sector funding requirements and the involvement of private sector finance.  Prior to Siemens, David held a senior role with a leading asset finance advisor for 5 years, and he has also worked in the finance industry as a Business Development Manager within one of the leading UK banks.  Regularly invited to address industry association audiences, David is much in demand to pass on his insights at a variety of manufacturing and public sector conferences about the role of finance.