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Corporate Citizenship

Our aim is to be a responsible member of the community who understands society’s challenges and needs, and acts accordingly. Our Corporate Citizenship activity creates sustained tangible and intangible benefits that will be valuable to our company, the local community and our customers. By investing in our society Siemens safeguards its future by taking seriously economic, social, and environmental concerns. Concentrating on these key target areas helps create lasting value and achieve the greatest beneficial impact, both for society and for Siemens.

Our Objectives

  • To make a sustainable difference to the community in which we operate

  • To maximise the positive impact by carefully selecting our investments of time and money within our key target areas

  • To ensure our employees are able to benefit from the programmes with which we engage

  • Enable all our employees to contribute to Corporate Citizenship activity

Key Target Areas

Key Target Areas have been identified as relevant - by targeting investment in these areas, we can maximise the benefits, and promote sustainability at a local level.


  • Improvement in climate conditions

  • Increase in resource efficiency

  • Protection of the natural environment


  • Advancement of scientific and medical research initiative

  • Support for education in mathematics, sciences, engineering and technology

  • Transfer of knowledge on sustainability


  • Disaster relief

  • Improvement of living conditions

  • Combating illiteracy

  • Promotion of diversity and social integration

Why corporate citizenship is important to us: