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Siemens’ Leeds Expansion Continues

06 May 2016

Comments from Simon Nadin, General Manager, Siemens Mechanical Drives, Leeds.

Siemens is strengthening and diversifying its Leeds assembly and servicing plant, now covering electro-mechanical drives, offering better service to customers locally, regionally and nationally.  
The Leeds site now employs 60 people, including five engineering apprentices and had its best-ever year last year Although turnover is expected to be steady for the current year, it’s the changes at the site that are promising exciting times ahead for Siemens in Leeds. 
One of the big strategies within Siemens at the moment is localisation, which is about serving customers better in the UK and helping them strengthen their competitiveness.  Where large volumes in big factories were previously the norm, now flexibility and speed of response are key drivers that are increasingly important to Siemens customers.  Having local capabilities and support, yet operating all over the world, means embracing new technologies to electrify, automate and digitalise will enable Siemens to produce complex engineering structures in the future more efficiently that are taliored for customers specific requirements.
At Leeds, Integrated Drive Systems (IDS) are helping the site diversify for the future and change the mix so that it becomes stronger in the service sector, offering better value and working more closely with customers than ever before.  It’s no longer about products, but is about solutions and the data these integrated systems can provide, so that issues can be remedied, problems solved and efficiencies improved.
Over the next four years, Siemens has ambitious plans for its Leeds site, particularly around rail and wind servicing, helping to increase growth by around 25 per cent.  The company will invest in new equipment, technology and testing around these Integrated Drive Systems, capitalising on the growing success of areas such as motor overhauls for rail traction equipment and supporting other Siemens service companies in Russia and China on best practice.  
The Leeds site has already won awards for its customer service, safety and innovation, and has received several accolades relating to sustained high delivery performance.  The future will be shaped around increasing the scope of supply, with fleet overhauls of gearboxes for the UK rail and wind turbine industries, and adding value to geared motor supply across many other industries.  Reflecting this, Siemens Leeds has just won another large contract to overhaul a number of wind turbines currently in use in the UK.

Anne Keogh