With the FLENDER SIP® planetary gear unit, Siemens offers an attractive price-performance ratio for the low up to average torque range in the well-proven FLENDER quality. The finely graduated series covers a torque range from 10,000 to 80,000 Nm. The modular design allows the standardisation of many basis components – and therefore opens the door for production in cost-effective batch sizes – but at the same time with a high quality standard.

You profit from cost-efficient gear units, high global availability and short delivery times. And yet another advantage: the specific requirements of a wide range of sectors has already been implemented in this range of standardised gear units.


  • Environmental

  • Chemical and water treatment

  • Conveyor technology

  • Mining

  • Cement

  • Coal

  • Gypsum


  • Well-proven FLENDER quality at an attractive price-performance ratio

  • Short delivery times

  • High global availability

  • Gearing with a high endurance strength and large planetary bearings for a long service life

  • High energy efficiency

  • Can be simply combined with Siemens geared motors (ratios for a single gear 25 – 45, in combination with geared motors, 300 – 15,000)

  • Smooth operation as a result of the large profile overlap in the gearing

  • Local customer support around the globe