FLENDER EMPP for vertical mills


For some time now, larger and larger production plants are being used in the vertical mill sector. As is known, conventional mill drives come up against limiting factors here.

The new Flender EMPP drive concept has been specially developed by Siemens to significantly increase the availability of large vertical mills. It has a newly developed motor. This brushless permanent magnet motor with sliding bearings is particularly robust and entirely wear-resistant. Because of its static seal and cooling by transformer oil it has a high degree of protection and an extremely durable stator winding – ATEX conformity included.

The drive has an automatic frequency inverter control system which not only makes it a variable speed drive. It also ensures particularly silent running under high loads and lasting protection against overloading caused by voltage fluctuations. In addition, the remaining mechanical components are subject to a by far lower dynamic load.

If you wish to replace an existing KMPP gear unit with an EMPP drive, the time required for the retrofit remains agreeably reasonable, for the new units have the same housing dimensions and require the same foundation and plant design. The split housing of the EMPP facilitates transport and installation as well as the service at site.

With the new EMPP drive you achieve maximum availability and longer service life of your plant and at the same time an optimisation of the grinding processes as well as significantly better grinding results.

Technical data

  • Gear stages: Single and 2-stage

  • Transmission ratios: acc. to customer's requirements

  • Nominal power ratings: up to 15,000 kW


  • Suitable for the highest power rating ranges

  • Newly developed wear-resistant motor

  • Frequency inverter control system / variable speed drive

  • Split housing

  • Very silent running

  • Automatically in conformity with ATEX Directive

Fields of application

Comminuting limestone, clinker, slag, lime, gypsum, and ores for the building industry, and coal in the coal preparation