FLENDER gear units for ropeways


Ropeways are used not only to carry people but also to transport materials. Various ropeway systems are used in practice. Continuous monocable ropeways are often found in ski resorts as chair lifts or gondolas, for instance.

The gear units in this kind of application obviously have to comply with a number of special requirements: all passenger conveyance systems are subject to very strict safety criteria. The units are exposed to significant variations in temperature and operate almost continuously from the minute they are put into service. For this reason, FLENDER gear units for ropeways are not only compact but also noise- and weight-optimised. They are made with geared parts of the highest quality and extra-strong sealing elements. The fluctuating radial and axial loads on the extremely heavy ropeways, which are frequently several miles long, are absorbed by specially reinforced input shaft bearings. FLENDER gear units and services are available worldwide.

Technical data

Type P2LA planetary gear unit with one bevel and two planetary gear stages

  • Nominal output torques from 22,000 Nm to 1,200,000 Nm (Higher torques on request)

  • Transmission ratios from 31.5 to 112

Helical gear unit and bevel helical gear unit

  • Nominal output torques from 10,000 to 1,400,000 Nm

  • Transmission ratios from 12.5 to 80


  • Standard planetary gear unit with ropeway modifications

  • Spare parts from the standard range

  • Compact, space-saving design

  • Noise-optimised

  • Weight-optimised

  • Worldwide service

  • 40 years experience as a supplier of ropeway drive systems worldwide


  • Temperature range: -30 to +30°C

  • Engineering and calculations acc. to ropeway standards EN 13223 / 2000-9_EC

  • Hollow shafts with involute splines to DIN 5480

  • Special seals on input and output shafts, suitable for low temperatures

  • Reinforced input shaft bearings for absorbing radial and axial loads

  • Optionally with cartridge heater


  • Continuous monocable ropeways