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FLENDER gear units for roller presses


Between two contra-rotating rollers, dry small-grained material is subjected to a high specific force of pressure. In roller presses, fine-grained materials are either pulverised or compacted into uniform bodies or plates. If used in the cement and mining industries (copper, gold, diamond mines, etc.), roller presses serve to reduce materials in size and, as a rule, they precede other mills. In all areas, customers rely on proven drives such as FLENDER planetary gear units and FLENDER gear units.

Technical data

  • Planetary gear unit

  • Nominal output torques from 160,000 Nm to 2,600,000 Nm (higher torque on request)

  • Transmission ratios from 45 to 125


  • Compact, space-saving design

  • Reinforced input shaft bearing to accommodate axial forces

  • Gear units, torque reaction arm system, couplings, and oil supply systems are supplied ready for installation from a single source

  • Optionally with hydraulic shrink disk

  • Worldwide service


  • Cement industry

  • Mines