FLENDER gear units for railway vehicles


Siemens supplies complete drive solutions for a variety of concepts and all vehicle types.
No two traction drives are the same. The gear units and couplings are therefore standardised as far as possible, then adapted to specific service conditions and customer requirements. You acquire proven technology that conforms to the latest state of the art.

Siemens makes a distinction between transverse and longitudinal drives. Both drive types can be either fully or partly spring-suspended or directly mounted on the axle. Components that are optimally tailored for the application concerned are required to comply with a wide range of drive requirements.

Our portfolio includes single and multiple-stage helical and bevel gear units. Reversing gear units and combinations can likewise be designed and made according to the customer's specification.

The rolling-contact bearings necessary for rail vehicles are amply dimensioned and sourced from renowned suppliers. The shaft ends are sealed by non-contacting labyrinths, which have demonstrated their absolute reliability in both extensive tests and field duty.

One face to the customer – the harmony achieved between the gear units and couplings, the high level of product standardisation, and our unique flexibility in adapting to the most diverse conditions and constraints make us an acknowledged system partner for any drive task. We offer solutions for a variety of concepts and all vehicle types.

Customised solutions – through solution based cooperation with our customers, we develop drives that are tailor made for even the most specialized scenarios while combining maximum reliability with minimal lifecycle costs.


  • Weight and strength-optimized housing made of high-quality nodular cast iron

  • Gear teeth case hardened and ground

  • Worldwide service


  • Low-floor streetcars

  • Urban railway vehicles

  • Subways

  • Motor coaches, locomotives

  • High-speed trains

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