FLENDER gear units for hoisting and luffing gears


With the FLENDER gear unit series, Siemens offers an economical solution for your crane applications. Besides gear units with standard center distance, there are also helical gear units with extended total center distance, allowing you parallel mounting of motor and rope drum, even with large drum and motor diameters. FLENDER gear units for hoisting and luffing gears are available as 1- to 4-stage helical gear units or as indexing gear units. Output torques from 10,000 to 1,400,000 Nm can be achieved.


  • Variable center distances, adapted to the requirements in the crane installation

  • High flexibility in special project-related solutions

  • Optimised sealing systems with long service life of the shaft seals

  • Exceptionally long service life; low weight; low noise emission


  • Container cranes

  • Overhead bridge cranes

  • Foundry cranes

  • Tower slewing cranes

  • Offshore cranes

  • Draw works