FLENDER gear units for traveling gears


Bucket wheel excavators and spreaders have to travel to their place of use and be moved there on their own. The highest loads occur if a difference in height has to be overcome during cornering. The excavator is moved by single drives that are sufficiently powerful to meet these challenging requirements yet compact enough to comply with the specified space limitation inside the crawler chain.

Depending on the size of the excavator several crawlers and as many gear units are installed. FLENDER worm planetary gear units (type P2CA or P2CF) are standardised application solutions arranged on the top side of the chain. They consist of a primary CAVEX worm stage and two secondary planetary gear stages.

FLENDER gear units for traveling gears are compact and powerful with an optimised sealing system for use in extreme operating conditions (dirt, dust, moisture). Extended periods of duty as a result of moving from one location to another are not a problem. In the standard version, the housing parts of the FLENDER planetary gear units for crawler traveling gear drives are made of steel or of nodular or gray cast iron.

Technical data

  • Planetary gear unit

  • Nominal output torques from 202,000 Nm to 1,920,000 Nm (higher torques available on request)

  • Transmission ratios from 360 to 930


  • Compact, space-saving design

  • Modular design

  • High availability

  • Worldwide service


  • Open-cast mining

  • Mines