FLENDER gear units for air cooled condensers


Air cooled condensers are used in power stations to condense waste steam after the steam turbine. The heat is dissipated to the ambient air by convection. This is a closed cooling circuit. The steam circulates through a heat exchanger which is cooled by the air flowing round it. The accumulated condensate is collected and re-used in the power plant process. FLENDER gear units are specially designed for condensing turbines in power plants. The fan is directly mounted on the two-stage helical gear unit which absorbs the reactive forces of the rotor via a reinforced output bearing arrangement. The gear units are optimised for both fixed and variable speeds and are characterised by high operational reliability.

Technical Data


Helical gear unit



Gear stages


Power ratings

up to 1,400 kW

Transmission ratios

i = 6.3 to 28

Nominal torques

10 to 69,000 Nm

Mounting positions



  • Low noise emission thanks to torsionally rigid housing

  • Reinforced output bearing arrangement

  • Optimised for constant and variable speeds

  • Variable lengths of output bearing arrangements for various fans (adapted to the fan profile)

  • Maximum operational reliability through solid housing, bearing reinforcement and dry-well design on the fan shaft (absolute oil tightness)

  • Additional cooling by fan on the input shaft

  • Long service life thanks to optimized design and use of high-quality materials

  • Complete drive train from a single source


Power generation industry, for example:

  • Biomass power plants

  • Gas-fired power plants

  • Nuclear power plants

  • Coal-fired power plants

  • Waste incineration plants

  • Oil-fired power plants