The scalable drive system for basic and demanding applications

General description

When it comes to quality, reliability and functionality, SINAMICS DC MASTER DC Converter is absolutely on par with its predecessor SIMOREG DC-MASTER. However, new features have been added and useful functions from the predecessor series have been included as standard.
SINAMICS DC MASTER is the new member of the SINAMICS family, which has many of the SINAMICS tools and components known from the three-phase AC technology, which have now also been made available for DC technology.
The SINAMICS DC MASTER DC Converter range of DC converters sets itself apart as a scalable drive system - for basic as well as demanding drive applications. For the standard closed-loop control, the DC converter is equipped with a standard Control Unit for converters (standard CUD). Expanding the drive system using an additional Control Unit for converters (Advanced CUD) makes sense to address applications requiring a higher computational performance.
The DC converters of the SINAMICS DC MASTER series combines open loop and closed-control and power units in one device and especially sets itself apart as a result of its compact, space-saving design.
The Advanced Operator Panel AOP30 and the BOP20 operator panel are available for commissioning and local control.
The interfaces of the CUD and the number of digital inputs and outputs can be supplemented using additional modules, such as the TM15 and TM31 Terminal Modules.


Technical data overview

Brief overview

Power range:

6.3 to 2508 kW

Rated DC current:

15 to 3000 A

Rated supply voltage:

3 AC 400 to 950 V

Rated DC field current:

3 to 40 A (optional: 85 A)

Rated frequency:

45 to 65 Hz

Degree of protection:


Storage and transport temperature:

-40 to +70 °C

Standards and approvals:

various marine certificates


2Q and 4Q


  • Variance of the Control Units

  • Field power supply in-line with requirements in the field

  • 24 V DC electronics power supply

  • Power unit is insulated with respect to ground

  • Free function blocks are integrated in the standard version and Drive Control Chart

  • Functionality can be expanded using SINAMICS components

  • Can be connected to single-phase line supplies

  • Coated modules and nickel-plated copper busbars

  • Wide temperature range

  • PROFIBUS as standard / PROFINET optional
    Suitable protective measures (among others IT-Security, e.g. network segmentation) have to be taken up to ensure a safe operation of the plant. You find further information about the topic of Industrial Security on the Internet under

Customer benefits

  • The training time and costs are reduced and the maximum number of identical components as a result of the extensive product range of SINAMICS DC MASTER. The seamless and integrated series of SINAMICS DC MASTER units encompasses a wide current and voltage range. The series of converters is designed to be connected to three-phase line supplies.

  • Flexible expandability regarding both functionality and performance. The extensive product range and the many options allow the DC converter to be optimally adapted to customer requirements - both technically and economically. Different customer requirements relating to the computational performance and peripherals (I/O) can be precisely fulfilled with the ability to select between either a Standard CUD, an Advanced CUD - or a combination of both.

  • The plant or system availability is increased by being able to quickly and simply exchange components. Components that can be exchanged have been designed so that they can be quickly and simply replaced. The spare parts that are available - assigned to the serial number of the drive unit - can always be viewed.

  • Simple commissioning and parameterization, menu-assisted at the AOP30 Advanced Operator Panel with graphics-capable LCD display and plain text display or PC-supported using the STARTER commissioning tool.

  • Simple integration into automation solutions, e.g. using the PROFIBUS communication interface provided as standard together with various analog and digital interfaces.

Typical applications

  • Moving: Conveyor belts, elevators, cranes, cable railways, test stands, cross cutters, roll changers/flying splice, roller feeds

  • Processing: Extruders, winders/unwinders, leading/following drives, calendars, main press drives, printing machines, rolling mill drives