SINAMICS G120P Cabinet pump-fan converter for applications with square-law load characteristic

General description

SINAMICS G120P Cabinet pump-fan converter is a converter cabinet unit that has been specifically designed for pumps, fans and compressors with square-law load characteristic.
The ready-to-connect converter is easy to commission and has application-specific functions. These functions allow pump, fan and compressor applications to be cost-effectively and reliably operated. Further, as a result of the wide range of components and options, it can be perfectly adapted to address specific customer requirements. It also has a rugged design which makes it ideally suited for use in energy projects, water as well as process industries.
As a component of Integrated Drive Systems, SINAMICS G120P Cabinet pump-fan converter is the optimum converter for operating SIMOTICS motors, offers a high degree of efficiency and availability, and is the perfect fit for many applications.

SINAMICS G120P Cabinet pump-fan converter cabinet

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    Technical data overview

    Brief overview

    Electrical data

    Basic connection

    Supply voltage:
    3AC 380 to 480 V 

    Power range:
    110 to 560 kW

    Supply systems:

    TN/TT or IT

    Line frequency:

    47 to 63 Hz

    Output frequency:

    0 to 100 Hz

    Control method:

    Vector control with encoder or V/f control

    Skipped frequency bands:

    4, programmable

    Customer terminal block:

    Digital inputs/outputs
    Analog inputs/outputs
    Inputs for motor temperature evaluation
    Relay digital outputs

    Communications interface:


    Braking mode:

    Braking Module optional

    Degree of protection:

    IP20, optionally IP21, IP23, IP43, IP54

    Type of cooling:

    Internal fan (forced air cooling)

    Noise level:

    ≤ max. 71 dB (A) under full load condition

    Software functions:

    - Automatic restart following interruptions in operation as a result of a power failure
    - Smooth connection of converter to rotating motor
    - Kinetic buffering
    - Automatic motor identification for control optimization
    - Automatic motor identification to optimize the closed-loop control, various application-specific pump, fan and compressor functions

    Protection functions:

    Thermal monitoring of motor and power sections
    Undervoltage, overvoltage, earth fault, short-circuit, stall prevention

    Suitable motors:

    Induction motors


    SINAMICS G120P Cabinets are ready-to-connect AC/AC converters in a standard control cabinet. A comprehensive range of options permits adaptation to respective requirements. They are available with cabinet widths from 600 mm in various degrees of protection up to IP54, and with two design versions.
    Version A offers sufficient space for all available options, irrespective of which configuration. Further, on request, it can be adapted to address specific customer requirements.
    Version C is an extremely space-saving version envisaged for applications where the power supply components are accommodated in a central low-voltage distribution and need not be provided again in the control cabinet.
    For both versions, the IOP operator panel is installed in the cabinet door as standard.

    dv/dt filter compact plus - cost and space saving to ensure a motor-friendly voltage
    SINAMICS G120P Cabinets are available with a dv/dt filter compact plus VPL (Voltage Peak Limiter). This limits both the voltage rate-of-rise dv/dt as well as also the peak voltages to the stringent limit values specified in Standard IEC 60034-25. This reduces the stress on the motor insulation and extends the motor service life.
    Especially interesting when it comes to retrofit projects: Using this filter, motors that were originally not designed for converter operation can be fed from a frequency converter.
    The dv/dt filter compact plus VPL saves so much space that it can be completely integrated into the electrical cabinet - even for large power ratings. Further, it is extremely energy-efficient: The “cut-off” voltage peaks are not wasted as thermal energy in resistors, but are fed back into the voltage DC link.

    Customer benefits

    • Ready-to-connect cabinet unit with a wide range of options guarantees a drive solution that specifically addresses customer applications with minimum mounting and installation costs

    • The PFC commissioning Wizard and faster motor identification guarantees simpler and fast commissioning

    • Lower operating costs and high energy efficiency (greater than 98%) – as well as application-specific energy-saving functions

    • Highest possible plant and system availability as a result of the rugged product design with long service life

    • Perfect match of motor and converter due to availability of precisely adapted SIMOTICS motors

    • Can be flexibly engineered and installed as a result of the high degrees of protection that are available, voltage limiting filter and longer cable lengths

    Typical applications

    • Widest range of pump, fan and compressor applications with square-law load torque

    • Additional sector mix with a focus on
      - Process industry
      - Energy and water industry
      - Building industry

    • Can be used in protected as well as rugged industrial environments.