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Maintenance-free, perform well with displacement: ARPEX couplings in the ARW-4 and ARW-6 series were designed especially for drives where large shaft displacements occur. Able to handle an extreme offset of up to 3.0°, they reach the top values in displacement capacity. They cover the medium torque range, transmitting torques of 92 to 80,000 Nm. Because the intermediate spacer can be mounted in the radial direction without moving the connected units, it is particularly easy to assemble.

In the papermaking industry, the ARW couplings are already proven as a maintenance-free alternative to cardan shafts. The ARPEX ARW is our response to drive requests with high demands on the displacement potential of the coupling used.

Application examples

  • Papermaking machines

  • Wind turbines

  • Rail drive systems

  • Replacing cardan shafts

Product advantages

  • Large displacement capacity

  • Closed flange form

  • Variable intermediate spacer lengths, manufactured per customer specifications

  • Radial mounting of the intermediate spacer possible without moving the connected units

  • Temperature-resistant from –40°C to +280°C

  • Can be supplied for use in potentially explosive environments, designed in accordance with 94/9/EC