Modular and versatile: the ARPEX ARS-6 is a coupling solution that can be universally applied in many situations. Its modular design with standard components makes many types possible. In combination with other standard components from the ARPEX modular system, it is extremely versatile and covers a wide range of drive situations in the low to medium torque range. It transmits torques of 107 to 106,000 Nm with an allowable angle offset of 0.7°.

In addition, its open flange form makes the ARPEX ARS-6 extremely easy to assemble and provides for easy access to the screw connection points. With most of the types, the intermediate spacer can be installed in the radial direction without moving the connected units.

The couplings in the ARPEX ARS-6 series are an outstanding combination of versatility and the highest degree of availability. Moreover, they optionally offer explosion protection.

Application examples

  • Papermaking machines

  • Printing machines

  • Fans and blowers

  • Compressors

  • Generators

  • Chemical industry

  • Conveyors

  • Pumps

Product advantages

  • Many design types by combining standard components

  • Good accessibility to screw connection points due to open flange form

  • Radial mounting of the intermediate spacer possible with most designs

  • Temperature-resistant from –40°C to +280°C

  • Can be supplied for use in potentially explosive environments, designed in accordance with 94/9/EC