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Optimized for specific applications and extremely safe: the ARPEX couplings in the ARP-6 series have been specially developed for pump drives and cover a torque range of 190 to 17,000 Nm at an allowable angle offset of 0.7°. Power is transmitted using close-fitting bolts and nuts and disc packs in a hexagonal design.

When developing this extraordinary coupling, special attention was paid to meeting API requirements. Both the NAN and MCECM types of the ARPEX ARP-6 meet the requirements of API 610. As an option, the MCECM type with its preassembled CEC intermediate unit can also be designed with regard to API 671.

The ARPEX ARP has a closed flange form and compact design. Moreover, it is machined on all sides, so it has high balance quality. That makes it particularly suitable for use at relatively high peripheral speeds up to 100 m/s.

Intermediate spacers with standard shaft spacings from 100 to 500 cm are available for the ARPEX ARP-6. It is our specialist for pump drives.

Application examples

  • Centrifugal pumps

  • Boiler feed pumps

  • Propeller pumps

  • Wing pumps

  • Pipeline pumps

  • Turbo compressors

  • Screw compressors

  • Turbo blowers

  • Axial, radial blowers

  • Rotary piston blowers

  • Fans

Product advantages, ARP-6 NAN and ARP-6 MCECM

  • Compact design, optimized for specific applications

  • Closed flange form

  • Good balance quality

  • Meets the requirements of API 610

  • Special catcher device secures the intermediate spacer in the event of disc breakage

  • Intermediate spacers with standard shaft spacing deliverable from stock
    (shaft spacing = 100, 140, 180, 200, 250)

  • Radial mounting of the intermediate spacer possible without moving the connected units

  • Temperature-resistant from –40°C to +280°C

  • Can be supplied for use in potentially explosive environments, designed in accordance with 94/9/EC

Special product advantages, ARP-6 MCECM

  • Easy final assembly by the customer due to factory-mounted disc packs

  • Large bore capacity with standard and jumbo hubs

  • Can also be designed with regard to API 671