Powerful and robust: the ARPEX couplings in the ARC-8 and ARC-10 series have a particularly robust construction and have been optimized for very high torques at simultaneously high speeds. The conical bolt connection in the disc packs ensures form-closed and reliable torque transmission of up to 1,450 kNm at relatively small coupling diameters and an allowable angle offset of 0.2°, 0.3° or 0.4°.

The closed flange form and the compact design of the ARPEX ARC-8 and ARC-10 allow peripheral speeds of up to 100 m/s. They are also extremely easy to assemble. The compact, robust, reliable ARPEX ARC is our coupling solution for applications that require high performance at high speeds.

Application examples

  • Papermaking machines

  • Printing machines

  • Compressors

  • Fans and blowers

  • Presses

  • Conveyors

  • Crane systems

  • Generators

  • Pumps

  • Mills

  • Rotary furnaces

  • Stirrers

Product advantages

  • Robust design

  • Form-closed transmission of high torques

  • Closed flange form

  • High peripheral speeds

  • With most design versions, radial mounting of the intermediate spacer is possible without moving the connected units

  • Version with octagonal or decagonal disc pack

  • Temperature-resistant from –40°C to +280°C

  • Can be supplied for use in potentially explosive environments, designed in accordance with 94/9/EC