Pipeline security

Market specifics

Until the events of September 11, 2001, the oil & gas industry was one of the least developed sectors on the security market. Investing in security infrastructure was not a high priority.

The main risks, such as loss of containment in a process unit or storage tank; theft in pipelines, distribution centres and trucks; interruption, disruption or attack by third parties can cause serious damage to people, the environment, processes, installations, and the continuity of the business. These risks have been mostly accepted as costs of doing business in this industry.

During the last few years a lot of effort has been made worldwide to increase the security in this sector. The circumstances and the behaviour of the market players are changing rapidly – also driven by the globally increased security awareness.

In April 2003, the American petroleum institute (API) published the second edition of the Security Guidelines for the Petroleum Industry to provide general security guidance to owners and operators in the petroleum industry for managing risks including the guidance on the principles of security vulnerability analysis. This also indicates that there is a huge demand for comprehensive security solutions in this industry.

Integrated security solutions

Our offering consists of comprehensive and fully integrated security solutions. The modularity of the concept allows easy adaption of the solution depending on your needs and local requirements.

After a thorough analysis of your local market and your business processes, the best suitable solution will be elaborated to achieve the best protection of your business. Our solutions are composed of the following elements:

Intelligent video surveillance solutions (Siveillance™ SiteIQ) with explosion-proof and IP protection, and wide-area surveillance

Command and control integrated solutions (Siveillance™ ELS Vantage

  • Access control solutions for the inside of the facilities

  • Intrusion detection systems for perimetre, area, room, and object detection

  • Danger management systems 

  • Service and maintenance for the optimal and smooth operation of your facilities

Security solutions for pipelines

This is our answer for the protection of buried pipelines of any length and consists of the following systems:

Security systems based on access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance systems, and emergency phones, which are installed in all pumping, compression, and valve stations. Sensing fibre system operating real time to detect third-party activities, natural disasters and malicious activities. Fibre cable or Ethernet can be used as information transport media. All systems are controlled by one or more central control rooms.

Your benefits

  • One solution handling all security issues related to the pipeline and all stations

  • Real-time monitoring of the pipeline including all stations

  • Interaction of the solution with the Scada system, which performs the corresponding actions to protect people, minimise damages related with the environment, processes and installations

  • Minimise the down time of the pipeline and ensuring the continuity of the business

  • Use of the solution for other pipelines as water and refined products