Proactive approach to your security

As human observers find it very difficult to monitor the increasing number of video channels typical for today’s surveillance systems, video analytics have quickly become a key element in today’s security applications. Integration to a security management station (e.g. Siveillance Fusion) is key to providing a holistic security solution.

Innovative digital product and system concepts centered on intelligent video analysis and sensor input allow the best possible coordination of system functionality with operator requirements. This becomes increasingly important for extensive and complex sites with varying security needs.

Comprehensive video surveillance solutions from Siemens, such as Siveillance™ SiteIQ offer a unique approach to streamlining security management for critical infrastructure, wide-area sites, public areas, buildings, and public safety agencies.


  • Proactive and preventative security management

  • Integration on to our security management system

  • Reliable security coverage 24/7/365

  • More efficient use of guard forces

  • Smart policy management 

  • Take advantage of multi-sensor interface capabilities based on our open platform 

  • Easy system integration and maintenance

  • Business process improvements and increased customer satisfaction