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SiNVR security management control platform

In response to a market that is increasingly demanding technology that will assess and manage critical situations, distribute information and co-ordinate and manage resources, Siemens is introducing the SiNVR high performance security management platform to integrate and control multiple security subsystems, offering full protection of assets to create a safe and automated working environment.

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With our integrated security solutions, we help our customers protect what is important to them. From requirement analysis and project definition to project design, implementation, commissioning, training, and real life support services; we help you to meet the challenges both today and in the future. We provide stress-free answers to your toughest security problems, offering you peace of mind at all times.

The conceptual adaptability and flexible architectural design of our innovative sector and industry solutions are customised to prevent, protect, respond, and recover security threats in order to protect people, processes and assets.