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Siveillance SiteIQ - a better way to view automated video surveillance

The Siveillance SiteIQ automated wide-area surveillance solution shows you what is happening throughout your environment by displaying all surveillance input on a single screen. Using intelligent policy zones and virtual barriers, it detects, tracks, and classifies activity in real time, and enables you to see exactly what is happening throughout your environment.


  • Monitor your entire site on one screen - Siveillance SiteIQ transforms traditional physical security systems by combining camera and other sensor input and displaying an entire protected site on one screen. 

  • Be proactive and prevent incidents - Siveillance SiteIQ filters critical events from camera and other sensor input, displaying the results on a comprehensive digital map of your entire site, allowing guards to focus on potential threats and stopping attempted security breaches before they occur.

  • Automated functionality offering 24/7 protection with intelligent policy zones and virtual barriers  - Siveillance SiteIQ’s automated functionalities give you 24/7 protection and are perfect for sites in need of continuous and reliable protection. Create virtual barriers – even across the water – that trigger automatic alerts when unauthorised activity occurs. These virtual barriers are tied to your security policies and can be changed with a click of a mouse. When a violation occurs, Siveillance SiteIQ automatically detects and tracks the incident while alerting guards through audio, video notifications, and e-mail alerts.

  • Use guards more effectively - Fewer guards behind monitors means more guards in the field, doing what they do best. When incidents occur, Siveilance SiteIQ pinpoints the location within your site, helping you to quickly deploy guards and prevent incidents from escalating.