A command and control solution for critical infrastructure with Siveillance™ ELS Vantage

Siveillance ELS Vantage is a comprehensive situational management solution that brings multiple stand-alone systems under one umbrella. Using innovative software, Siveillance ELS Vantage not only ties together all the subsystems currently used to protect and manage your site, but it also allows you to customise and integrate security policies and procedures.

Siveillance ELS Vantage is specifically designed to support command and control operations for critical infrastructure sites (such as airports, oil and gas facilities, industrial complexes and campus environments). The solution gives operators more than just a display of videos and alarm incidents. Signals received by the system can actually be associated with predefined actions, giving the operator a complete decision management workflow – helping them to assign priorities and determine next steps based on their own procedural guidelines. These records can then be archived and used for continuous improvement of security operations.

Siveillance ELS Vantage is a modular system giving you the flexibility to customise the solution to suit the needs of your specific environment. All subsystems you currently use can be combined and presented on one common platform; such as: access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, human resource data, telephone and radio systems, building automation, fire safety and other external links, maps or points of interest.


  • Video technology integration – Intelligent video solutions from Siemens (see Siveillance™ SiteIQ) help customers to secure and monitor private, commercial, and public facilities. The intelligent video analytics can cleverly detect a wide variety of incidents and create alarms. Integrated as part of the command and control solution, they can be effectively used to obtain complete situational awareness. By showing only the relevant video signal, the system avoids an information overload for the operator.

  • Alarm management – a wide variety of functions supporting the management of detectors and alarm systems (access control, fire detection, emergency call, intrusion detection, perimetre surveillance, etc.)

  • Integrated communication functions – computer telephone integration (CTI) of public or corporate telephone systems with the command and control solution ensures fast and easy communication. Additionally, telephone systems and TETRA digital radio communication can be operated through a dedicated touch screen terminal. This provides seamless and uninterrupted communication between the guards and the control centre.

  • Open interfaces – customer-specific subsystems can be integrated in a most flexible way via open interfaces. A SDK is available to implement these bi-directional interfaces.

  • Flexible architecture – based on robust architecture, the platform’s graphical user interface provides an intuitive, hierarchical structure for addresses, keywords, resources, and actions.

  • Coverage of large geographical areas – full support for the management of large areas or multi-site applications. As basis for controlling the operations, all events are exactly located on the 2D or 3D maps and site plans according to a geo-referenced data structure. For critical infrastructure, not only can the respective site be covered but the surrounding area can also be displayed including structures such as streets or points of interest.

  • Resource management – as an option, Siveillance ELS Vantage includes the management of security forces.

  • Advanced operations management – in addition to the pure display of alarms and incidents, each signal can be associated with defined actions, which are then proposed to the operator, depending on the actual situation.