Parking solutions

Car finder

‘Lost’ vehicles across car parks continue to grow due to the increasing demand for spaces and continued growth of car parks in size. Now Siemens has developed and delivered an innovative ‘Car Finder’ system that integrates CCTV, digital recording, advanced automatic number plate technology, bay monitoring, barrier control and customer information kiosks to assist motorists in finding parking spaces and locating their vehicles on their return.

'Car Finder' begins to work as soon as a driver arrives at the car park barrier where ANPR technology takes the drivers registration and automatically prints it on their ticket. The data is captured in real time and stored in a central database. Information screens on each level of the car park tell the driver if that floor has any free spaces. Once the driver turns onto each floor they will be able to see free spaces which are marked by a green light above each individual bay.

On returning, if drivers cannot remember their spot they put their ticket into the ‘Car Finder’ kiosks to view the 3-D map. The map also shows access points such as lifts and stairs to make it even easier to return to the vehicle.