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Our approach is to work with you to identify your key objectives for security, associated operations and health and safety. We can then define a common purpose, carry out a full risk assessment, identify potential cost savings and set performance targets. You can expect reduced systems costs, access to leading-edge expertise and the best in technology and support.

System design

Before we make any recommendations, the very first thing we do is listen and explore. We want to learn about the dynamics of your business and the structure of the workforce. We want to get to know your organisation and understand the challenges you face. Our technical leadership, integration skills and attention to detail mean that you can benefit from the very best solutions, drawn from the industry’s ever-widening array of advancing and converging technologies. Through careful design we can reduce duplication, deliver multiple services, and provide a technology roadmap to enable you to migrate your systems as the need arises.


Siemens delivers more that just technical solutions, we also provide financial solutions that are tailored to meet the business needs of your organisation. We will liaise closely with you to assess the best method of financing to meet the exact needs and individual tax and cashflow position of your organisation.

Siemens can assist you in the setting up of framework agreements that can save you time and money in terms of bid preparation, supplier evaluation and quality control as well as providing substantial cost savings to your organisation. Harnessing the benefits of a framework agreement means managing your costs for the future, improved methods of procurement and better use of resources.


There are many advantages in outsourcing part, or even all, of your security operation to Siemens; you stay in charge and everything else becomes our responsibility. We can operate as your business partner, managing areas such as staffing, monitoring, migration and service in a single performance driven contract, without the need for additional resources, enabling you to focus on your key tasks whilst retaining full control via agreed key performance indicators.

Service and support

We understand the challenges organisations face in maintaining technology, especially working within tight budget constraints and keeping up with the pace of new developments. Our service portfolio is designed to help you meet these challenges and ensure a high level of system reliability while keeping your costs down.

Siemens programmes provide access to high level skills and a broad range of service offerings, meaning you can be assured of a working system at all times and avoid any unexpected and costly repairs. These are based on our clear understanding of your requirements and our considerable experience in supporting an extensive national customer base.

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