Overview & Benefits

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Persuading decision-makers to opt for your company requires a great deal of effort. We want to help you to win new business.

Any company which wishes to become a Solution Partner really needs to stand out and must offer excellent performance in terms of expertise, management and sales. Our assessment process is very stringent and once you have the Solution Partner certificate and have experienced our offering first hand, you will understand why.

Siemens strengthens you as a partner and makes you irresistible to decision-makers. You will find it easier to win interesting projects and success will not be far away.

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Seven benefits are listed here. In practice, it feels like a lot more:

  1. Secured
    A large partner is at your side.The benefit to your customers? Project security.

  2. Trained
    You regularly undergo trainings in the deployment of all relevant Siemens technologies.The benefit to your customers? You know all the various ways of achieving their objectives.

  3. Certified
    You had to prove that you were worthy of becoming a partner. In order to remain a partner, you must continuously prove that you are still worthy.The benefit to your customers? Continuity and quality.

  4. Equipped
    As partners you are equipped with the Siemens tools at all times.The benefit to your customers? Optimum planning.

  5. Supported
    As a Solution Partner, you have access to the Siemens Support Hotline at all times. The benefit to your customers? If you do not know something immediately, it only takes a few minutes to find it out.

  6. Perfected
    You work with first-class systems and product documentations. The benefit to your customers? Rapid familiarisation and understanding of all products and systems.

  7. Networked
    If a good solution to a problem has been developed anywhere in the world, you know about it the next day thanks to your access to the Solution Partner Extranet. The benefit to your customers? They are speaking to you, but are talking to the whole world.