Power Monitoring devices and meters

Power Monitoring devices and meters

Power Monitoring devices

For a sustainable reduction of power costs it is widely acknowledged that an optimum solution is to analyse the energy distribution system via automated means. Two examples of these increasingly popular concepts are Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Automated Monitoring and Targeting (AM&T), the former being an “early action measure” and a benefit metric within the Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme. The fundamental building blocks of such a system are the means to acquire “real time” transfer of energy data, and the ability to suitably present the information in a clear and succinct manner. This is typically achieved via communication technologies.

Siemens addresses this business imperative by offering a harmonised portfolio of energy measuring devices, all capable of communicating via open protocols such as Modbus, interconnected via industry standard means such as Ethernet CAT5 & Fieldbus cabling, two simple to configure and install software platforms.

PAC3100 meter

  • 1-2% measuring accuracy

  • Slim panel mounting and Modbus RTU compatible

  • Basic electrical value readout

PAC3200 meter

  • 0.5% measuring accuracy

  • Electrical readout and limit values

  • Profibus/Modbus/Ethernet/logic function compatible with easy 4 key operation

PAC4200 meter

  • 0.2% measuring accuracy

  • Ethernet gateway built in for remote monitoring

  • Harmonic display and Internal storage for trending

  • Real time internal clock

  • Battery backed memory storage