System modernisation

System modernisation visual

Would you like to modernise your fire detection system stepwise, or in a single bound? Three solution approaches from Siemens leave you freedom of choice:

Revolutionary – modernise the detectors first

System modernisation  step 1 - graphic

This revolutionary modernisation solution begins in the periphery with single neural fire detectors, rather than with the panel as before. Steps are arranged according to your individual requirements. For example you can first replace automatic fire detectors, which no longer conform to the local risk profile. Manual call points can follow later, and finally the panel.

The cost of investment steps is low in comparison with a complete replacement. Immediate benefit from the newest detection technology. Employees and operations remain largely undisturbed by stepwise modernisation.

Comfortable – modernise the fire control panel first

System modernisation  step 2 - graphic

In this modernisation the panel has first priority. This could be, for example, because you need additional line capacity. The panel is replaced first and connected to the existing periphery. The periphery can be replaced line-by-line as necessary.

Immediate benefit from the panel’s greater ease of use. Integration of other security and building automation systems is possible. The periphery is replaced as necessary in accordance with your investment plan.

Classic – direct to the target

System modernisation  step 3 - graphic

Let’s say you’re changing the purpose or use of a building. So you need to modernise your fire detection system all at once. First, install a new control panel and integrate it with the existing one. Then replace the detector lines one by one and connect them to the new control panel. And finally, remove the old control panel.

Your state-of-the-art system is rapidly in place with no interruptions. Fewer disturbances arise, since modernisation occurs alongside other renovations.