Sinteso Input/Output Modules

Input modules allow for the monitoring of devices for alarm inputs, confirmation signals or technical states. Output modules allow for the control of other equipment such as door holders, fire dampers, smoke control systems, plant shutdown etc.

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Input module FDCI221

- 1 isolated control input (monitored)

Input/output module FDCIO221

- 1 isolated control input (monitored)
- 1 isolated control output 30VDC/2A
- The control output can be configured in two modes:   
1. Monitored mode (requires additional 24Vdc power supply)
2. Clean contact mode (loop powered)

Input module FDCI222

- 4 isolated control inputs (monitored)
- E.g. for status monitoring such as door status

Input/output module FDCIO222

- 4 isolated control inputs (monitored)
- 4 isolated control outputs: 250VAC/4A, 30VDC/4A
- E.g. for decentralised control of fire doors and flaps

Input/output module "transponder" FDCIO223

Transponder permits the monitored connection of:
- 2 conventional detector lines or
- 2 outputs for alarming devices (monitored) or
- 1 conventional line and 1 monitored output 
Remark: Output rated at 24VDC/2A.