Sinteso extension networking options

Extension networking options overview

Following options are available for the FC20 control units.

Product, catalog link

Description, consists of

Loop extension FCI2003-A1

The loop extension makes it possible to double the number of loops (e.g. from 2 loops to 4 loops or from 4 loops to 8 loops) while retaining a constant total number of addresses on the FDnet line card (e.g. 2 loops with 126 addresses each or 4 loops with 63 addresses each).

Network module FN2001-A1

With this module the station can be networked via the FCnet. For this purpose it is necessary to install a network module. In case of additional requirements in terms of the degraded mode function 2 network modules can be installed.

Repeater FN2002-A1

The repeater doubles the range between 2 FCnet stations (once only from 1,000 m to 2,000 m). A separate power supply is needed.

RS232 module (isolated) FCA2001-A1

This module is needed, for example, for operating an event printer. It is plugged into the PMI mainboard. The RS232 module is not contained in the set for the event printer.

RS485 module (isolated) FCA2002-A1

Module for periphery devices with RS485 interface, e.g. for FAT (GER). Plugged into the back side of the operating unit. RS485 module incl. 1 EMC screwed cable gland M10 x 1.5.

FDnet line card FCL2001- A1

The FDnet line card is an additional card for integrated FDnet lines, mounted in card cage (5 slots) of FC2060 fire control panel.

Collective line card FCL2002- A1

The collective line card is an additional line card for fire detectors with collective signal evaluation. The line card can be mounted in FC2030 (2 slots) and FC2060 (5 slots) integrated card cages.

I/O card FCI2008- A1

The I/O card is an additional card with programmable inputs and outputs for expansion of the integrated inputs and outputs. The card is mounted in the card cage (5 slots) of the fire control panel FC2060.