Sinteso control panels – clear concept, efficient operation

Simple operation – fast and easy access to all functions

Dangerous situations are stressful situations. They demand the right and quick action to save lives. Therefore safety technology must be easy to understand and intuitive to operate. It is essential that fire control panels display the needed information in a comprehensible way.


  • Standardised operating concept for all control panels, fire terminals, and floor repeater terminals

  • Menu-driven, logical operation

  • Interactive, dialogue-based procedures

  • Simple, safe, stress-free operation in the event of an alarm

  • Standby functionality for additional safety

  • Several alarm concepts for large applications with different users

  • Different access rights for different user profiles

  • Comprehensive overview anytime, anyplace – thanks to remote access and SintesoView

Sinteso panel description

  1. Backlit text display (LCD display with eight lines of 40 characters) with detailed plain text information on all events occurring (event type, event location, description of measures, operating states, etc.). In addition it displays operator instructions in alarm situations and provides easy operation using soft keys and navigation key

  2. Alarm display, illuminated red if an alarm is received

  3. Four programmable LEDs and diverse displays

  4. Soft keys for direct operation depending on the state

  5. Two operating keys with LEDs, individually programmable

  6. Keys for “Silence buzzer“, “Acknowledge” message and “Reset” message

  7. Key for scrolling through the alarm messages

  8. Navigation and menu key for LCD

  9. Keypad for numeric and alphanumeric entries, such as password, customer text, etc.

  10. Function keys for alarm organisation

  11. Display for alerts

  12. Optional key-operated switch for operator access

  13. Optional event printer for logging