Sinteso fire panels

Sinteso fire control panels

All newly developed fire control panels are characterised by:

  • Their simple, easy-to-learn operation

  • Clear function key assignments

  • Comprehensive scroll lists and user-friendly menu navigation

As a result, it is possible to isolate fire detectors, switch modes, acknowledge events and read off the identified location of events quickly and easily from the control panels. Programmable intervention texts with instructions serve to facilitate correct responses.

Sinteso fire terminals

Since the fire terminals show the same information on their displays as the control panels, they create transparency and enable standardised system operation.This is especially important, for example, for adding further fire terminals indifferent buildings that are some distance  away from the control panels. The personnel there can react more quickly to faults and alarms, without having to walk a long way to the control panel. This ensures simple, safe and stress-free operation in the event of an alarm and allows faster intervention.

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