Sinteso S-LINE fire detectors

S-LINE detectors for sophisticated applications

S-LINE detectors are the ultimate when it comes to fast response and false-alarm resistance. Using Siemens' innovative ASAtechnology™ they provide exceptional detection response to a wide range of fire types. The special signal analysis process employed by S-LINE fire detectors is very reliable in preventing false alarms caused by deceptive on-site phenomena, such as:

  • Machine exhaust gases

  • Industrial dust

  • Steam

Customisable protection in any environment

Customizable protection in any environment (graphic)

Harsh environments - for example in industry, with frequent deceptive environmental phenomena such as dust, steam or welding fumes.

Moderate environments - such as office buildings and shopping centers, with average risk to people and occasional deceptive environmental phenomena.

Clean environments - such as server rooms or patient rooms, where the top priority is protection of people and data.

S-LINE detectors

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ASA neural fire detector FDOOT241-9

Early detection of flaming fires involving solid and liquid materials and of smoldering fires.The simultaneous analysis of smoke density and temperature in combination with intelligent ASAtechnology signal evaluation greatly increases the protection against deceptive phenomena such as dust and steam.

ASA neural fire detector FDOOTC241

Detection properties same as ASA neural fire detector FDOOT241-9, plus earliest possible detection of fires producing CO and highest immunity with highest sensitivity.

ASA wide spectrum smoke detector FDO241

Early detection of smoke-forming smouldering and flaming fires. Operating according to the scattered light principle, the wide-spectrum smoke detector with ASAtechnology has a sensor for optical forward scatter. Like the FDOOT241-9, its opto-electronic sampling chamber keeps out extraneous light while optimally recognising smoke particles.

ASA heat detector FDT241

Detection of open flames and fires accompanied by a rapid rise in temperature. The FDT241 measures the ambient temperature and the temperature inside the detector housing, so that it can instantly detect an increase in temperature. The heat detector has two redundant temperature sensors and can be used either as a differential heat detector or as a maximum heat detector.

FDF241-9 flame detector

Detects Smokeless liquid and gas fires and smoke forming open fires arising from the burning of materials containing carbon. For highest application requirements (inside and outside).

3 infrared sensors

FDL241-9 linear smoke detector

Early detection of smoke-forming flaming fires e.g. in:
- Warehouses
- Halls with complex ceiling structures
- Factory halls

Sensor and reciever in one housing