Sinteso C-LINE fire detectors

C-LINE fire detectors for standard applications

Whether in hotels, schools, office buildings or movie theaters, Sinteso C-LINE fire detectors are the first choice of investors, planners and operators in normal environmental conditions where only occasional deceptive phenomena occur.

Sinteso C-LINE fire detectors offer very high security on the basis of the newly developed detection algorithms (DA). Before an alarm is activated, the signals recorded by the sensor (such as smoke density, temperature or both simultaneously) are converted to mathematical gradients (intensity, rate of increase and fluctuation) and analysed by means of detection algorithms.

Customisable protection in any environment

3 Application areas

C-LINE fire detectors are suitable for use in hotel rooms

... in museums ...

... or in shopping centres.

C-LINE fire detectors

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DA neural fire detector FDOOT221

The neural fire detector detects optical and thermal signals separately and combines them in its neural network. It is suitable for detecting smouldering fires and open fires involving solid materials and liquids.

- 2 sensors, optical forward and backward scattering
- 2 additional heat sensors

DA wide spectrum smoke detector FDO221

This wide-spectrum smoke detector is specially designed for detecting smouldering fires and smoke-forming open fires.

- 1 sensor, optical forward scattering

DA heat detector FDT221

This heat detector is excellent for detecting open fires and fire outbreaks with a rapid rise in temperature, and can be used as a differential heat detector.

- 2 redundant heat sensors