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Sophisticated applications require exceptional technology – and that includes the field of fire detection. The special signal analysis process employed by S-LINE fire detectors is very reliable in preventing false alarms caused by deceptive on-site phenomena, such as machine exhaust gases, industrial dust or steam.

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  1. The signals (1) recorded by the sensor are converted into mathematical components using algorithms and compared with preprogrammed values. With the selection of an ASA parameter set, the algorithms can be influenced – and the fire detector can be set to the expected local environmental influences and individual risks. The optimal parametre set is selected taking the individual risks and the existing environment into account.

  2. Interpretation of the situation (2) in real time results in the selected ASA parameter set being dynamically adapted (3).

  3. This automatically shifts the optimum application range of the detector. Consequently the detector reacts more sensitively in the event of a fire – and more forcefully in response to deceptive phenomena. The result is unique fire detection with unprecedented reliability against deception (4).