AlgoRex® fire detectors & fire panels

AlgoRex® fire panels

AlgoRex comprehensive fire panels with the following features:

  • Allow high flexibility of system configuration: up to 16 “stations” in any combinations.

  • Sector-overlapping operation and control possible.

  • Unrivalled emergency functioning properties (emergency operation, redundant bus).

  • Large, complex systems possible.

AlgoRex® Fire Detectors

Fire detectors overview

AlgoRex detection algorithms distinguish between real fires and deceptive phenomena every time, and well beyond the requirements of the six EN standard test fires. Common features:

  • ecologically sound choice of materials

  • modern design

  • long life

  • high resistance against electromagnetic interference, moisture, corrosion and dirt

There are three different AlgoRex detector technologies.

Collective technology

Collective detectors are ideal for straightforward applications and low fire risk situations. Smoke and heat detectors using technology for detection within standard limits are reliable and of proven design.

Features of the collective detector series:

  • high degree of reliability due to high-quality, optoelectronic sensor system

AlgoRex collective system (graphic)
Fig.: AlgoRex collective system

AnalogPLUS technology with detection algorithms

AnalogPLUS detectors with detection algorithms are ideal for moderate-risk applications with moderate levels of deceptive phenomena. Addressable smoke and heat detectors feature multi-stage, intelligent signal evaluation. Centrally selected, detector-specific sensitivity adjustment, alarm verification and multiple detector linkage render AnalogPLUS detectors reliable and impervious to deceptive phenomena.

Features of the AnalogPLUS detector series:

  • top reliability due to a high-quality, optoelectronic sensor system

  • pre-programmed detection algorithms

  • signal processing at detector and processing center levels make for superior reliability

AlgoRex AnalogPLUS system (graphic)
Fig.: AlgoRex AnalogPLUS system

Interactive technology, application specific algorithms

Interactive AlgoRex detectors are used whenever demanding situations and high fire risk call for trustworthy alarms and detection. In other words, no false alarms ever again.

AlgoLogic, the evaluation and decision-making logic based on programmable application algorithms, combined with interactive signal processing, makes for dependable detection and elimination of deceptive phenomena in our interactive AlgoRex detectors.

Features of the interactive detector series:

  • optoelectronic sensor systems ensure superior reliability

  • detector-processor-stored, application specific algorithms

  • automatically self-testing, built-in diagnostic algorithms

  • unmatched immunity to deceptive phenomena and situational factors

AlgoRex interactive system (graphic)
Fig.: AlgoRex interactive system