AlgoRex® - Foolproof early fire detection (Europe, Asia)

Celebrated back in 1994 as a world first, it soon conquered the globe. Foolproof early fire detection filled everyone with awe and soon proved itself in practice. Today, millions of users depend on AlgoRex completely. Present AlgoRex installations are readily retrofitted with new algorithms when they are put to a different use.

Another innovation is TeleRex®, the wireless fire detection system. As reliable as hardwired fire detectors, it is the perfect answer for museums and buildings of historic significance.

Application areas

Nearly all:

  • Clean, moderate and harsh ambience

  • Small to large installations

AlgoRex references

Application areas

Banglaore Airport, India

Berliner Tor-Center, Hamburg, Germany

Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai, China

Benefits at a glance

  • Unique advantages, including genuine algorithms, interactive system technology, distributed intelligence, neural network and others.

  • Programmable algorithms and modularity, new requirements can be accommodated quickly and simply as they arise.

  • Backward compatibility, along with modernisation software, help keep your system at the cutting edge of performance.

  • Low operating and maintenance costs.