About Sinorix H₂O Jet

Unique two-phase flow technology that generates fine water droplets at low hydraulic pressure - for effective control of open fires as well as for accurate extinguishing in object protection.


  • Highly flexible for both object and volumetric protection

  • Low-pressure system reaching the same effectiveness as high-pressure system

  • Use of Sinorix CDT (Constant Discharge Technology) for constant flooding

  • Unique two-phase flow technology uses a mixture of water and gas generating fine water droplets

  • Droplet size and amount of water is tailored to the specific risk of fire for an enormous cooling effect

  • Two different nozzles: one for object protection, the other for volumetric protection

  • Innovative nozzle for object protection patented by Siemens

  • Usage of simple galvanised pipes possible

  • Harmless for people and the environment as water is used as extinguishing agent

  • Objects stays well accessible thanks to high jet length

  • Low maintenance costs thanks to easy and cost-efficient refilling