About Sinorix H₂O Gas


Sinorix H2O visual

Sinorix™ H₂O Gas is a highly efficient extinguishing solution for room protection, in which the combined use of nitrogen and water provides decisive advantages. While nitrogen displaces the oxygen, water mist lowers the ambient temperature - thus resulting in reliable extinguishing and effective prevention of reignition. The system is thereby tailored to bring the exact amount of water for the specific risk of fire. Siemens offers a comprehensive solution from a single source - from risk assessment, system design, installation, and commissioning to maintenance.

At the international Security Trade Fair Essen a panel of Security and Fire Safety experts has recently rewarded Sinorix H₂O Gas with the Security Innovation Award 2008


  • Tailored solution from one source, from risk assessment to maintenance

  • Ideal solution for smouldering and deep-seated fires

  • Reliable extinguishing, prevention of reignition

  • Highly flexible to fulfil any type of engineering requirement

  • Scalable from small to big multi-sector systems

  • Standard galvanised steel network can be used

  • Discharge within 120 seconds

  • Extinguishing in a fraction of this time