Sinorix H₂O Gas applications and references

Typical applications

  • Archives

  • Libraries

  • Museums

  • Vaults

  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

  • Cable ducts, false floors

  • Closed transformers and generators

  • Storerooms for flammable liquids

  • Rooms for machines and technical equipment

The Royal Library, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Royal Library, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Royal Library in Copenhagen was looking for a reliable solution to protect their valuable, irreplaceable collections against fire in the new storage building. A comprehensive solution tailored to the special needs of books and documents was required. The Royal Library was very thorough when evaluating the proper extinguishing solution. A team with consulting engineers and fire department representatives supported them. Finally, Sinorix H₂O Gas was chosen as the ideal solution as it offers double protection: nitrogen extinguishes the fire efficiently and water mist prevents from reignition.

The Royal Archive, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Royal Archive, Copenhagen, Denmark

The goal was to protect the old building of the Royal Archive in Copenhagen – which is more than 400 years old – and historic documents against fire. For an effective protection, a large-scale extinguishing system was required but only limited space was available. Siemens was able to offer a fire safety solution tailored to the specific requirements and risks of fire. The extinguishing solution Sinorix H₂O Gas offers optimal protection for the irreplaceable values. It releases a precisely calculated and carefully balanced mixture of nitrogen and water mist over the required extinguishing zone in an emergency. This ensures that a fire is extinguished quickly and safely.