Concept example for machine tools

The Sinorix™ al-deco STD object protection system can be easily tailored to individual requirements. Thus, reliable and effective all-around protection for machine tools is ensured.

Legend for the key components

  1. CO₂ extinguishing agent tank

  2. CO₂valve

  3. Pressure switch, potential-free, changeover contact withstanding max. load of 230 V / 5 A 2 pcs.

  4. Ball valve for the activation/deactivation of the extinguishing systems (with status monitoring)

  5. Activation and measuring unit (integrated into the valve) for checking the CO₂ quantity

  6. Alarm interface

  7. Detection line, steel, D="6x4" mm

  8. Detection line, flexible (Lifdes™ fire sensor)

  9. Manual release with pressure gauge

  10. End stops for detection line

  11. Extinguishing line for CO₂

  12. Extinguishing nozzles 

  13. Distribution unit with pressure switch 2 and 3

Detection and extinguishing

The heart is a tube-shaped linear fire sensor named Lifdes™ (Linear fire detection source). This patented sensor, produced with a high-molecular polymer, is stressed by a pressure of 15 bar. Connected to a fire extinguishing bottle via a valve, it is permanently under this pressure and will burst if its ambient temperature rises above 110°C. In this way, it acts like a linear sensor that will always be activated right where the activation temperature has been reached first. Practically at the same time as the pressure drops in the burst Lifdes sensor, the valve of the bottle will be opened and the machine is switched to “EMERGENCY STOP”. The extinguishing agent is introduced via a separate extinguishing line and appropriately arranged extinguishing nozzles. The system requires no external power for the detection and extinguishing of fire. This happens pneumatically, and is therefore insensitive to all kinds of technical interferences. Incorrect activation of the system is virtually impossible.


The Sinorix al-deco STD object protection system measures the quantity of the extinguishing agent online, monitors the pressure of the detection line, the operating as well as the main power status. The interface displays all functions optically/acoustically, for example an alarm is activated when the loss of extinguishing agent exceeds 20% as well as in case of a fire incident. In case of a power outage, the functions of the interface will be held up by means of a battery. The system can be reset in a controlled manner with the key switch. Therefore, it is possible to instantly put the machine tools into operation again after a fire incident. However, the fact that the Sinorix al-deco STD object protection system is not yet operational will be clearly communicated and recorded.


An alarm is given either optically/acoustically (fire alarm) or through the interface. A connection to an existing fire control panel is possible. Additional signals such as loss of extinguishing agent, ON/OFF of the extinguishing system, fire alarm etc. can be used via potential-free contacts for other applications as well.

Maintenance and recommissioning

The maintenance of the system is displayed electronically and can be carried out, just as a recommissioning after a fire incident, by the operator himself - with the help of the corresponding documentation if required. The extinguishing agent containers are fitted with a special filling adaptor and can be refilled from any gas refilling station.

System components

Sinorix al-deco system components


  • The system has been tested according to the Type Test AISF-22-05-110 of the TÜV, Technische Überwachung Hessen GmbH (CE 0091).

  • The quantity calculation of the extinguishing agent is carried out according to the VdS 2093 directive.

  • The system has been constructed and installed based on DIN 14497 for small extinguishing systems.

  • The system fulfills the regulations of the Employers' Liability Insurance Association (Berufsgenossenschaftliche Regeln) BGR 134.

  • Maintenance takes place in accordance with DIN 14406 Part 4 Maintenance.