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Sinorix extinguishing services keep your mind at ease

The Sinorix extinguishing solutions comprise a comprehensive service portfolio: We support you from risk assessment, application support, system design, installation, and commissioning to maintenance and modernisation. This also includes, for example, the Sinorix Door-Fan-Test, which tests a flooding zone for leakages and thus proves the extinguishing efficiency of the system.

Sinorix Door-Fan-Test - easy, quick and reliable testing of room tightness

Extinguishing systems put out a fire quickly and reliably if the necessary extinguishing concentration can be built up rapidly and maintained for at least 10 minutes. For this to happen, the rooms to be protected must be sufficiently airtight. And to ensure that they are, room tightness measurements using the Door-Fan-Test have been recommended internationally for years. Some country-specific standards even require repeating these measurements on regular basis. The Sinorix Door-Fan-Test from Siemens offers a simple, cost-effective and environmentally friendly method for measuring room tightness – and can also be used to directly locate leaks at any time.