Latest technical findings

Latest technical findings: Potential problems with computer hard disks when fire extinguishing systems are released

In 2009 rumours started in the fire safety industry that computer hard disks drives (HDDs) may face problems when fire extinguishing systems are released. Siemens, as the world leader in fire safety, has a variety of different extinguishing systems in its portfolio and is highly interested in investigating this topic. This below document (PDF) describes the current state of knowledge of Siemens experts, based on tests as well as the discussions with customers, external specialists and approval bodies. Investigations are not finished at the moment. Therefore this document has a limited validity. If the working group is convinced that new facts are relevant enough to be published, an updated version of this document can be found here. Otherwise the validity of this document will be extended.

Reports of test releases without problems describe the normal situation for all dry extinguishing systems today. Effects on hard disks have only been witnessed in very rare cases. The normal case for all suppliers, all agents and all system technologies is that there are no problems. Problems are the exception, not a standard case. We publish this white paper because there is a lot of misleading information in the market concerning this topic.