Sinorix N₂ ▪ Ar ▪ CO₂ applications and references

Sinorix N₂ typical applications

  • Telecommunication systems

  • Data centres

  • Cable ducts

  • Electrical switching rooms

  • Closed transformers, turbines, engines, and generators

  • Technical and machine rooms

  • Control rooms

  • Military depots

  • Museums

Sinorix Ar typical applications

(additionally to the applications mentioned for N2)

  • Areas with the risk of metal fires

  • Storage rooms for chemicals

Sinorix CO₂ typical applications

  • Storage for flammable liquids

  • Unmanned generator and transformer stations

  • Local applications such as oil baths, turbines or machines

Reference – Internet PoP Hannover GmbH, Hanover, Germany

Internet PoP Hannover GmbH, Hanover, Germany

Internet PoP focuses on Internet, data centre and hosting services. Due to its successful growth, the company needed a new data centre, dimensioned for uninterrupted operation of up to 5,000 Internet servers. In close co-operation with Siemens, a comprehensive fire safety solution was developed. According to the customer’s request, a Sinorix Ar extinguishing solution was installed. The large and complex multi-sector solution was exactly tailored to meet the specific application, the internal processes and the structural conditions. Thus, it protects the highly sensitive server rooms optimally and effectively. This gives not only Internet PoP, but also its customers the reassurance that their data is safe and the business processes secure in case of a fire.

Reference – Arhus University Hospital, Arhus, Denmark

Arhus University Hospital, Arhus, Denmark

With 847 beds, the university hospital Arhus is one of the largest hospitals in Denmark. It offers a broad portfolio of medical specialties and is also very active in research. Radiographies, electronic patient data and documents are especially important and their loss could have considerable consequences. This is why the central server room, where the data is stored, needs reliable fire safety. With the intelligent Sinorix N2 extinguishing system, an optimal solution was installed to protect the important data.