Agents overview Sinorix N₂ ▪ Ar ▪ CO₂

Natural agents used with Sinorix N2 ▪ Ar ▪ CO2 extinguishing solutions present no environmental hazards. This allows not only environmentally friendly extinguishing, but also to quickly resume operation within the extinguished zones after a flooding thanks to simple overpressure ventilation. In addition, the extinguishing agents have poor electric conductive properties and are chemically inert. This means that there will be no harmful reaction products when they come into contact with fire, preventing damage to your equipment.

Whether nitrogen, argon or carbon dioxide – natural agents excel for fire classes A (solids), B (flammable liquids) and C (flammable gases) thanks to their excellent extinguishing properties. Argon is also optimally suited for fire class D (metal fires).

Using pure natural agents instead of a mixture of different gases facilitates refilling because natural agents are available everywhere. Thus, you can always refill the cylinders within a very short period of time. This minimises the downtime of the extinguishing system after a discharge and reduces costs. Our service offering ensures an especially fast and comfortable refilling.

Sinorix N₂Ar CO₂ Agents