Voice Alarm System E100

E100 product family

When a fire breaks out, buildings have to be evacuated within minutes in order to protect lives. Buildings with large numbers of occupants, such as hotels, office blocks, shopping malls or universities, have special requirements regarding evacuation.The voice alarm system E100 sets a new standard for meeting this challenge. Its innovative safety functions allow an orderly and safe evacuation, even from multi-story buildings or buildings covering extensive areas and with large numbers of occupants. What’s more, E100 already fulfils all requirements of the new standard EN 54-16*.

Application areas

The E100 voice alarm system can be used virtually everywhere – in industrial plants, office blocks and schools, in shopping malls, hotels and residential complexes as well as in multilevel car parks and exhibition halls. Some examples for application areas:

Application areas

General office applications

Leisure facilities


Shopping centers

Department stores

Benefits at a glance

  • Rapid, orderly evacuation – thanks to clear voice messages

  • Maximum investment security – thanks to state-of-the-art technology, high modularity and networkability, and EN 54-16 compliance

  • Substantial costs savings of up to 30% due to energy-efficient, high-performance components

* European standard EN 54-16 is mandated by law for all voice alarm systems with effect from 2011