Phased Evacuation – for Optimised Use of Escape Routes

E100 allows automatic phased evacuation that’s individually tailored to your building. This is based on E100’s freely programmable control logic and digital signal processing, which permit the simultaneous transmission of different signals and announcements to different parts of the building.

People in the immediate danger zone are instructed to leave the building first, following the signed escape routes. The adjacent zones are then gradually evacuated until all occupants from the endangered areas are safe. That prevents escape routes from becoming overcrowded, which – in combination with reassuring announcements – prevents panic.

E100 phase driven evacuation infographic
Click to watch the animation about the controlled phased evacuation process.

Origin of fire: 
The occupants most at risk are those near to the origin of the fire.

Non critical areas:

Occupants not at immediate risk will not block escape routes for those in immediate danger.

Further evacuation phases:

Further floors are evacuated after a preset time.

Evacuation message:  
“A fire has been reported in this building. Please leave the building immediately.”

Alert message: 
“A fire has been reported in this building. Please wait for further information.”