DMS8000 - Products for the Integration of Security Applications

MM8000 Danger Management Station

MM8000 Danger Management Station

The powerful Danger Management Station for Security professionals. MM8000 offers numerous functions that allow each system to be tailored to fit the individual customer needs. From the long list of features, the following deserve particular attention:

  • Specially designed user interface with a well-structured display

  • Summary bar that provides fast overview on system status

  • Event list that is sorted by priority

  • Plant browser that displays all technical installations in object trees and graphical maps

  • Comfortable navigation possibilities

  • Clear overview as alarm states are propagated to higher levels

  • Powerful commanding as commands are propagated to all nodes below

  • Geographical tree that groups objects of different disciplines in a logical way

  • Flexible configuration of access rights for different user groups

MT8001 danger management terminal

MT8001 danger management terminal

The MT8001 management terminal is a safety and security management terminal. It is based on the same design concept as the MM8000 and provides basic management station functionality.

  • Touch screen to control and monitor subsystems and devices of different disciplines from one place

  • Typical operating and management functionalities: event browser, plant browser, graphical maps, history browser, macro commands, access control for secure operation and authorisation mechanisms for freely configurable user privileges

  • Non-volatile memory

  • Connectable to NK822x Ethernet port

  • Approved terminal (ULC, EN54-2)

MK8000 OPC server

MK8000 OPC server

MK8000 is a software product that integrates safety and security subsystems from Siemens into management systems. It supports the OPC (OLE for Process Control) standard, a specification or set of written rules and procedures that allows multiple software programs – or applications – to communicate with each other.

  • Standardised open interface to many types of Siemens fire safety and security subsystems

  • Interoperability with systems from Siemens as well as with third-party systems

  • Client applications with full access to the plant that can be written with little knowledge of the industrial network

  • Cost-efficient solution as it can be easily integrated

  • Only one single, standardised interface

  • Flexible and modular software architecture that allows solutions ranging from a simple single- station configuration to a complex, distributed configuration

NK8000 network solution

NK8000 network solution

NK8000 is the network solution to connect various safety and security units to the DMS8000 Management Station products. The subsystems are connected via NK8000 Ethernet ports to the network. NK8000 is based on LAN standards, TCP/IP, Ethernet and BACnet/IP.

The NK8000 product family includes:

  • NK8222 Ethernet port – cost-optimised for a single subsystem

  • NK8223 Ethernet port – offers up to 4 serial lines and 1 LON bus

  • NK8225 Ethernet port – with BACnet gateway, up to 4 serial lines, and 1 LON bus