DMS8000 – Highest Security and Safety with Intelligent Danger Management

DMS8000 visual

The DMS8000 Danger Management System offers a one-source management application to secure the safety of people and facilities. A powerful system that enables centralised alarm management and supervision.

The DMS8000 family provides a complete range of products for safety and security management:

  • MM8000 Danger Management Station

  • MT8001 management terminal

  • MK8000 OPC server

  • NK8000 network solution

A specialist for versatile disciplines

DMS8000 with its central management station MM8000 easily integrates subsystems from Siemens or from third parties via standard interfaces such as OPC, BACnetâ„¢ or Modbus:

DMS8000 system graphic

DMS8000 has been designed to centrally manage, supervise, and control these different security and safety related systems.

Benefits at a glance

  • Sophisticated management station backed by decades of expertise

  • Centralised alarm management and supervision

  • Outstanding guidance capabilities during event treatment

  • High configuration flexibility to support the required safety and security strategy

  • Open architecture and scalability from small to large systems

  • Future-proof and secure investment should requirements change

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